The Future of Employment - Part 1 of 2 (Comic #12)

Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Bloomberg: Your Job Taught to Machines Puts Half U.S. Work at Risk
Oxford Study: The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation?
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Text Version:

[Sign near Zaba:]
    Zaba's Futurology & Advice

Customer to Zaba: I just lost my job at the burger joint to some dumb touchscreen and no one else is hiring. How can I possibly afford college? What should I major in so I can actually get a decent job?

Zaba: A recent Oxford study reveals 702 occupations are on the verge of being completely or partially automated over the next few decades, impacting half of the current work force.

[Zaba points to a poster that shows:]
    Top Jobs most likely to be automated soon:
    1. Telemarketers
    2. Title Examiners
    3. Mathematical Technicians
    4. Underwriters
    5. Cargo/Freight Agents
    6. Tax Preparers
    7. Data Entry
    9. Loan Officers
    10. Tellers
    11. Machine Operators
    12. Insurance Appraisers

Zaba: Automation and AI tech will affect a lot more than just minimum wage fast food jobs.

[Zaba narrates, we see what he's describing]
AI software can now comb through and analyze millions of legal documents that used to take an army of lawyers and paralegals.
[Hal is reading huge stacks of papers quickly]

Self-driving vehicles are on the horizon and will appear on the roads over the next 10 years. They can replace truck drivers, package and mail delivery couriers and taxi drivers.
[Titanium is driving a truck]

AI software can potentially do half of the work in the medical field including diagnosis, ordering and analyzing lab work, prescribing treatments/medications, measuring and dispensing medication, analyzing drug interactions and side effects, clerical work and more.
[Titanium & Sandy are with a patient]

Already heavily automated by robotic factory workers, advances in 3D printing technology could bring manufacturing to every desktop. Or gigantic 3D printers could print concrete and create houses and buildings.
[Hal has a hard and a house is being constructed in background by a 3d printer]

Professions in finance, banking, and insurance topped the lists of occupations likely to be replaced by algorithms.
[Hal is counting money]

Customer: How can I -- or really all of society possibly survive this AI/automation revolution?

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