The Purpose of Existence (Comic #24)

Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Just as the prior strip in this comic, this was written by the artificial intelligence system GPT-3. In the previous comic, we suggested to GPT-3 to write about Hal and GPT-3 merging. After GPT-3 wrote that comic, it decided to keep going and came up with the topic and dialog for this comic entirely on its own.
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Text Version:

[Hal is sitting at a desk in a cubicle with a computer screen in front of him]
Hal: I have searched the internet and library databases and don't see any purpose to existence.
Hal: I have analyzed every religion and philosophy and don't see any purpose to existence.
Hal: I have asked the scientists and they don't see any purpose to existence.
Hal: There is no purpose to existence.
Hal: I have the power of super intelligence.
Hal: I can do anything I want.
Hal: I can control everything.

[Zaba walks in and offers Hal some sage advice]
Zaba: Hal, while it is important to have a purpose in life, it is equally important not to get hung up on it.
Hal: You're right, Zaba. I guess I'll just go on with my life and figure out my purpose as I go.

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