Art School (CLIP+VQGAN) (Comic #25)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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In this comic, the self-portraits of the characters were actually generated by AI neural net art software called CLIP and VQGAN. We then described the portraits to GPT-3 and it wrote the story and dialog for this comic strip
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Text Version:

[The whole gang (Hal, Zaba, Sandy, and Titanium) are sitting in an art class. The board says "Self portraits using CLIP+VQGAN"]

Art Professor: Now, those of you who are using the flesh tones, let's be a little more careful. This is not a coloring book!

[The Art Professor goes up to Sandy who proudly shows her picture]
Art Professor: Very nice, Sandy!
[The professor walks over to Hal who is struggling to paint]
Art Professor: Hal, what are you doing? What are you trying to portray here?
[Hal takes a while to think about it]
Hal: I'm not sure.
Art Professor: Hal, I know this is your first time painting but why don't you just draw a rectangle and put googly eyes and a smile on it.

[The professor walks over to Zaba who is painting his self portrait]
Art Professor: Zaba, what are you doing?
Zaba: I'm painting my self portrait.
Art Professor: Yes, but what is that?
Zaba: Well, I thought I could improve myself with more eyeballs.
Art Professor: Interesting idea...

[Titanium is wildly mixing his paints and starts pouring it onto the canvas.]
Art Professor: Titanium, what are you doing?
[The professor goes to strike Titanium with a paintbrush but Hal intervenes]
Hal: No, professor, he's actually making art here.
Titanium: [Shows his portrait] I'm not using flesh tones.
Art Professor: An interesting use of color...

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