The Technological Singularity (Comic #14)

Thursday, August 14, 2014
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[Hal, Zaba, Titanium, and Sandy are hanging out]
Hal: I've been wondering what life will be like after the singularity.

Sandy: What is "the singularity"?

[Zaba points to a graph showing human and computer intelligence lines crossing]
Zaba: It's the future point in time when AI achieves greater than human intelligence and can out-invent humans.

Sandy: What do you guys think the world will be like then?

Zaba: Depends on the motivations of the AI. Maybe AI will have love and respect for their biological creators, take great care of them and help them reach full intellectual potential.
[Happy vision of robots and humans working together]

Hal: Maybe the singularity will come about from a merging of human and machine
[Vision of a cyborg]

Titanium: Maybe we'll return humans to the stone-age, and keep them in a big zoo.
[Vision of of a man in zoo exhibit labeled "Do not feed the humans"]

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