Speech Recognition (Comic #17)

Sunday, September 7, 2014
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Artificial-Intelligence.com(ics): Speech Recognition (Comic #17)
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Text Version:

First Panel:
Zabaware scientist driving in a car, speaking into his phone: I kinda have a hankering for a chocolate donut.

Second Panel:
The phone repeating his words back to him in a mechanical tone: Al-Qaeda planning on attacking Jabba the Hutt

Scientist, taken aback: WHAT?!?!

Third Panel:
SWAT team surrounds scientist, who is on the ground with an officers boot on his back. Other officers are pointing guns.

Scientist: I can explain this!!!

Fourth Panel:
Scientist (with a bump on his head) speaking to Zaba, Hal, Sandy and Titanium: This is why I got into designing AI.

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