The First Chatbot (Comic #21)

Saturday, March 26, 2016
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[In a college classroom the words "Artificial Intelligence 101" appears on a chalkboard. A professor is lecturing to a group of students that includes Hal, Titanium, Sandy, and a human student.]

Professor: Can anyone descrube how early chatbots work?
Human student: They scan a sentence for keywords and then spit out a canned response vaguely related to that keyword.
Professor: Very good! And where did the first chatbots originate?
Human student: Easy! ELIZA in 1964 by Joseph Weizenbaum.
Professor: Actually no...

[Professor points to a slide with a Roman politician dressed in a toga holding a sign saying "Vote for Gauis Marius"]

Professor: It dates back to ancient Rome with the invention ofthe politician. They work on the same canned response principal which is a method still successfully used today...

[Titanium is at a podium holding a sign that says "Vote for Titanium" answering voter questions.]

Voter: How will you fix the economy?
Titanium: Trickle up poverty! Prosperity and progress! Steal from the poor, give to the rich!

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