Analiza The CIA Interogator (Comic #20)

Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Link to declassified CIA document on Analiza:
Interrogation of an Alleged CIA Agent
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Text Version:

[Zaba, Hal, Titanium and Sandy are hanging out. Zaba is reading a newspaper.]
Zaba: Check out this story... In 1983 the CIA tried to use a chat bot called Analiza as an interrogator.

[We see an alleged spy handcuffed to a desk with the old IBM PC on it.]
Spy: Why did you summon me here?
Analiza: Why do you wonder why, Joe?
Spy: I do not know
Analiza: Why don't you know?
Spy: I have no idea what goes on in your mind.
Analiza: Why do you suppose you have no idea what goes on in my mind?
Spy: I will leave unless you tell me what is the problem.
Analiza: I understand... you will leave unless I tell you what is the problem... go on.

[Spy flips the off switch on Analiza.]

Titanium [while holding various torture gear]: I think I can do a better job. Think the CIA is hiring?

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