Turing Today and in the Future (Comic #4)

Monday, June 9, 2014
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Artificial-Intelligence.com(ics): Turing Today and in the Future (Comic #4)
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Text Version:

Panel 1: [Turing Test Today. 3 Scientists crowd around Hal and a teenager, who are sitting at a desk]
Scientist 1, pointing at a board: What's larger, an orange or the moon?
Hal: [Looks worried and confused. Thinks hard as another scientist is examining him with a magnifying glass]
Teenager: [Has smug look on his face as another scientist is scribbling notes in the background]

Panel 2:
Teenager, looking smugly toward Hal: Moon ... Duh!
Hal: [Confused and disappointed look on his face]

Panel 3: [Turing Test in the future. Zaba, Titanium, and Sandy take the place of the 3 scientists. The teenager from above has aged and is bald now, sitting next to Hal]
Zaba, pointing at a board: "You're" and "Your" ... explain the difference
Bald Man: [Is hunched over, worried, and confused]
Hal: [Has a smug look on his face]

Panel 4:
Hal, with a smug grin: "You're" is a contraction of "you are" and "your" is a possessive pronoun.

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