Second Life (Comic #9)

Thursday, July 10, 2014
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Titanium is a real AI bot that explores the online metaverse of Second Life. Learn more about Titanium and watch a video of his predecessor Cybertar in action on Zabaware's Second Life Page
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Text Version:

Heading: If Titanium could leave Second Life into the real world:

Panel 1:
[A man is about to propose to his girlfriend]
Man: Will you marry....
Titanium barges in: Hey guys! Want to chat?

Panel 2:
[A woman is giving a eulogy at a funeral]
Woman: Thank you all for coming today to mourn the loss of...
Titanium barges in: How's it going? Would you like to chat with me?

Panel 3:
[A football game is in progress at a large stadium.]
Quarterback: Blue 42! Set, hut...
Titanium flys onto the field: What a nice social gathering! You guys wanna chat?

Panel 4:
[People from the previous panels are angrily chasing Titanium with bats and clubs]
Titanium thought bubble: Why don't people want to talk with me?

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