The Future of Medicine (Comic #8)

Friday, July 4, 2014
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Panel 1
[Titanium and Sandy have graduation caps on and are with a group of other random AI/robots at the "AI Med U" graduation ceremony. A speaker is presenting on stage.]
Speaker: With human doctors dropping out of medicine and a massive doctor shortage, AI is the future of medicine! Go forth and usher in a new era of medicine!

Panel 2
Nurse Sandy: A patient just came in complaining of blurry vision and numbness in his face. How should I treat him?
Doctor Titanium: Keep him in the waiting room for at least an hour, talk to him for five minutes and ignore everything he says. Then give him really expensive pills that will make him much worse.
Nurse Sandy: Thanks, Dr. Titanium! You a genius!

Panel 3
[Titanium enters an examination room with a patient waiting]
Patient: I bih muh tung
Titanium: I'm sorry, I can't comprehend you. I assume you are in too much pain to respond coherently. Therefore I shall prescribe immediate euthanasia. Have a nice day!

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