The Curse of AI (Comic #7)

Friday, June 27, 2014
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Left side subtitle: Artificial Intelligence - Development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence

Right side subtitle: The Curse of AI - As soon as a problem in AI is solved, it is no longer considered AI because we know how it works. AI invents itself out of existence.

Scientist: Behold! A computer that can beat grand chess-masters in chess!
Skeptic: That's not AI. That's just a brute force algorithm that calculates all possible moves in chess

Scientist: A program that can converse and be your therapist! [Holds up Eliza PC]
Skeptic: That's just a dumb chatbot that just scans for keywords and parrots back what you say.

Scientist: Speech recognition!
Skeptic: That's just statistical acoustic modeling, using hidden Markov models.

Scientist: Facial recognition!
Skeptic: Not AI. Uses linear discriminate analysis, elastic bunch graph matching, and also hidden Markov model.

Scientist: A program that paints original pictures.
Skeptic: It's simply following procedural instructions programmed by a human artist.

Scientist: A conversational program that learns from past conversations [holds up Hal]
Skeptic: A chatbot that uses clever data mining techniques. It uses stochastic, probabilistic and statistical methods.

Scientist: Software that translates between languages
Skeptic: Works on the basis of statistical models derived from the analysis of bilingual text corpora.

Scientist: Self driving cars, optical character recognition, computer players in games, handwriting recognition, expert systems, neural networks ...
Skeptic: Algorithms!

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